Don’t Forget These Things on Moving Day

Are you prepared for moving day? It is a big task and so many people add to the stress the day brings because they’re not prepared. Don’t be one of these people. When you’re prepared for moving day, things go so much smoother from start to finish. Here are some of the most commonly forgotten items movers forget on their big day that you should make sure you have on hand.


Tape, boxes, bubble wrap, and an assortment of their packing supplies petaluma are needed to pack and secure belongings before they’re moved. Don’t forget any of these items because doing so put your items at-risk of breakage or other damage before arriving at the new location.

Cell Phone

Charge the cell phone before you depart for your trip. Hopefully you’ll arrive at the new location without any problems but you certainly don’t want to be stranded with a cell phone that’s dead or not on your person.


Have you arranged for pet carriers to transport pets? If traveling long distances you’ll need to have a leash to stop for bathroom breaks for your pooch. Don’t forget to plan for Fido’s relocation as you prepare to move.

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Time to Eat

Sure, there’s a lot to do to relocate, but you must eat or you won’t have the energy to complete the tasks and surely won’t enjoy the new location the way that you should. Bring protein-rich snacks along for the trip and plan to stop somewhere to grab a quick bite to eat if you can.

Don’t make moving day more stressful than it should be. People move every single day and sadly, make this mistake. Use the tips above to secure a smooth, carefree moving day and avoid unnecessary stress and headache.