Abstract Art & Its Multitude Of Possibilities


Ignorance is no longer bliss. There are those who view a work of art with a rather basic or one-dimensional eye. To them, a work of art is exactly that, a work of art if it is an exact replica of the object, human form or landscape copied. And then they would say; ah, that is very good. My, my, this artist is good. But the very moment they view what is defined as abstract art, they squirm, or they look away in a disinterested or bored sort of way. They do not wish to be challenged. And that is what abstract art does.

There is never any doubting the specialist abstract artist’s given gifts and talent. He can, with any amount of the flick of the brush, produce a realistic interpretation of a human form, a still life, or a landscape. But abstract paintings tucson landscapes, stills and the human stain go so much further. It places the viewer in a participatory position. It forces the viewer of the artwork to look at it from a different point of view perhaps.

Abstract art stretches the recesses of the mind. It places you in a thought provoking position. You are forced to ponder, thinking just what is the message that lies within that canvas. Or the large mural presentation on the side of a six story building. And that brings this article round to the multitude of possibilities that abstract art brings the patron or commissioner. It can encompass any surface in any area, public or private. In this sense, abstract art becomes functional. The brief is given by the landowner or the commercial business owner.

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And then it is left to the specialist abstract artist to weave his kind of magic.